Human-centered designer, activist and aspiring entrepreneur. 


As a Product Design intern at Facebook, I researched and developed a project to enhance the mobile chat bot experience. As a UX Design intern at Hulu, I learned how to design for Living Room devices from XBOX to Apple TV. 

I'm a graduating senior at Carnegie Mellon University studying Communication Design and Human Computer Interaction. I have a strong interest in working at the intersection of design, research and technology. I am passionate about tackling complex problems from a systems design approach. I think critically about the footprint that I create as a designer in this world.

I thrive in highly collaborative environments made up of interdisciplinary teams. I like to  work with people with different backgrounds and skill sets. I push myself to step outside of my comfort zone each and every day. 

I'm looking to join a team of hard-working, motivated and forward-thinking individuals who care deeply about building the tools that will lead us to a more sustainable future. Please reach out over Linkedin or email to chat about full-time job opportunities