Human-centered designer, activist and aspiring entrepreneur. 

Before my internship last summer at Facebook, I lent my creative skills to help some start-ups grow. This past summer interning at Hulu, I learned how to research and design for Living Room devices.

I'm a senior at Carnegie Mellon University, studying Communication Design and Human Computer Interaction. I've been thinking a great deal about the kind of work that I want to be doing post-graduation. Carnegie Mellon's design curriculum has really shaped me to think critically about the sort of footprint I might leave on this world as a designer. I seek out work that aligns with my personal morals. People's needs always come first. I want to help people feel empowered, inspired, educated, connected and informed.

I thrive in highly collaborative environments made up of interdisciplinary teams. I enjoy working with people from different cultural and skilled backgrounds. I push myself to step outside of my comfort zone each and every day. 

If you enjoyed my work and would like to chat about freelance or full-time job opportunities, please reach out over Linkedin or email. I'd also be happy to chat in person. I love coffee.