With a degree in Communication Design and Human Computer Interaction, Tiffany explored a wide range of subjects from Design to Computer Science, Philosophy and Drama during her time at Carnegie Mellon. Some of her favorite courses were Design Futures, Photographic Narrative, Acting for Non-Majors, Human Robot Interaction and AI, Ethics & Society.

Currently, she works as a designer at Hulu, creating features for the Web and Living Room experience. In her free time, Tiffany helps out with local film projects, practices improv and keeps up with tech criticism. She likes to read research articles examining the effects of media technologies on society and culture.

Tiffany aspires to produce films that change the way people think about their relationship to technology — for the better. Her inspiration for getting into filmmaking can be attributed to Minding the Gap. While her interests are constantly expanding, she never stops thinking about ethics, futures, time, space and death.