Daft Punk: Through the Years

Web Design / Animation / Skrollr.js

For my final project, in the course, "Programming Usable Interfaces," I coded an interactive website that documents the history of Daft Punk, starting from when the duo first met in school.

I'm a big fan of Daft Punk. I always wondered how they first got started with music and what led them to become such renowned artists. The website introduces information about Daft Punk in chronological order, with the first bit of information dating back to 1987. The last part of the timeline discusses what the artists are doing today. I created this website using HTML, CSS and Skrollr.js. From doing this project, I learned how to incorporate scrolling animations to the website.

I thought to embed reference images and videos throughout the page to add more clarity to the information being presented. Also, I included a way for people to listen to the songs and albums being referenced on the page through their Spotify player. As people read about the album, "Human After All," they can listen to it through their speakers. 

Duration: 4 weeks / Contributions: HTML, CSS, Skrollr.js

View Website — Video coming soon!